Ancient Beginnings

Hemp Was The Earliest Cultivated Plant Used For Textile Fabrics

Hemp was used in 8000 B.C. Mesopotamia, and became the first example of human industry in 500 A.D. China.

hemp's secret history

American disruption

Hemp's Reputation Was Tarnished By Large Corporations

In the 1930s, propaganda created from companies with vested interests in the cotton industry, petroleum based synthetic textile companies, and powerful newspaper and lumber corporations, who saw hemp as the biggest threat to their businesses, created propaganda campaigns to diminish hemp's popularity, resulting in hemp's temporary criminalization

worldwide prominence

Hemp Saw Massive Popularity In The Middle-Ages


It became a crop of enormous economic and social value, supplying much of the world’s need for food and fiber, and was crucial for building sailing ships. Christopher Columbus used hemp on his boat when sailing to the Americas. The Declaration of Independence would later be signed on hemp paper.

current reemergence

Hemp Is Now Being Rediscovered As A Crop Of Tremendous Value

People everywhere are waking up to the many benefits of hemp, including its many positive health effects.

Its Ancient Beginnings, Worldwide Adoption, Eventual Ban, And Current Reemergence


Hemp's Benefits


Hemp Products